Things I can’t live without (1)

Things I can’t live without…
My yellow body exfoliating sponge.

For years I have been going to beauticians and seeing this yellow sponge, and a kept thinking what is so special about it? A year ago my cousin bought me one and I was sold. I can’t shower without mine, I even take it with me on holidays. Using it in circular motions on your skin can curb ingrown hairs and in time improve the texture of your skin. At one stage I started getting tiny pimples on my back, and since I have been using this sponge they have disappeared.

The sponge is available at most beauty therapists and the price ranges from R35-R60(This all depends on how much profit the beautician is willing to make).
Sponges last about three months.

If you are prone to breakouts on your body, please try a small portion of your skin first, and be gentle and the sponge is quite rough at first.

If you use it let me know the results.

Xx S


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