Trendy Slogan T-shirt’s

Hello again fashion lovers. I have been going crazy over Mango’s spring collection of slogan T-shirt’s. I purchased the Fashion Maniac and it Girl T-shirts. ( At R150 each they were quite reasonable)


Slogan T-shirt’s have gone from grunge to gorge. There are so many ideas of wearing these T-shirts, you can pair it with boyfriend jeans and heels, a chic pants suit or a pencil skirt. There are looks that suit every style personality, my personal favourite is with jeans and bright high heels.

Celebs like Rita Ora , Rihanna and Selena Gomez have been seen rocking this trend.


Here’s some slogan t fashion inspo that I put together.. ( I’m coveting the Céline T-shirt sigh)







Zara and Mango have some Cute ones at the moment, and for a more budget friendly option Mr Price has so many to choose from, you would want to buy all.

Xx S

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