My Summer in the Hamptons look…

Hello Lovelies

And it’s nearly time to bid farewell to another weekend. My Sundays recently have been relaxation days where I lounge around and change from one pj to another (le good life?). Well today I had somewhere to be , a family function…. So that means I play dress up.

After watching American Series like Gossip girl and Revenge I have come to have this romanticised idea of summer in the Hamptons. I love the idea of Breton stripes, laid back Michael Kors ensembles , picnics at the beach and OTT parties. I’d like to think of my look today as a summer in the Hamptons look.

I picked up these joggers at the recent Woolworths sale, and the Blazer is from Woolworths as well. I have been looking for a vertically striped blazer for a while. They are everywhere but I didn’t like that some had too thick stripes or they were too boxy and tapered. I love that this one is light weight and its slightly longer.
My bag is from Mango something I purchased a few years ago when I started working and it is still one of my favourites. (for me spending R500 of my own hard earned money on a small bag was a big deal back then).
The shoes are an import from Zara(I have a friend that loves shoes as much as me, and she told me she imports sometimes if she likes something) these initially were plain when I saw them online but happened to have Perspex pieces on them when they arrived, which are so in right now. (my ideal Perspex heel would be a Loubi one- fits my Hamptons idea perfectly) .

So this is my version of the high heels and jogger look…





And the shoes I dream of…


Enjoy what’s left of the weekend….


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