Beauty for the Busy

Hello Lovelies

Do you :
-Have the most limited amount of time to get ready every morning?
– Need a quick fix for oily roots?
– Go to bed with your make up on because you are too tired to remove it?

With new improvements in the beauty world there are now products that are created to work efficiently but in a short period of time. I’m always looking for ways to shorten by beauty routine , but I will never leave the house untidy. I’m sure there are many women who have the same predicament.

Here are some of my fast (beauty) favourites :

BB Cream:
BB (Blemish Balms) Creams , entered the S.A beauty market a few months ago ,and it was such a hit. The cream incorporates an SPF , Moisturiser and Tinted coverage. It might not be as effective as a foundation , but it still brightens and covers for those days when you don’t have enough time to apply make up. The great thing is that BB creams are available from affordable to more expensive brands. Just make sure you test it out on your skin properly, especially when the brands don’t come in a variety of shades, you might have to play around with shades. I actually use a tinted moisturiser which basically does the same thing. But I use my moisturiser under it as well . Total application time: 5 minutes


Facial cleansing wipes :
These are a firm favourite for me especially for removing eye make-up, with like two wipes on each eye your make up is removed. Your cleanse and tone steps are done in one easy step. Some even have moisturising properties. I must admit I wash my face with facial wash after because I’m prone to getting the odd breakout. Most come with a plastic seal that needs to be closed at all times or else the product drys out. I recommend TLC wipes, Johnsons and the in house Clicks brand.
Total application time : 5 minutes and depending on how much make -up I have on I use two wipes.


Dry Shampoo:
The first ever dry shampoo to hit the South African market was the Toni & Guy one. It retailed at a R100, now you get various brands at cheaper prices. I purchased it just to see if it works , especially because my hair used to get oily. It does work but for me only when I use it the day after I wash my hair. Basically it just freshens up the roots taking away the greasy look. I would never go more than one day without washing my hair so I have never tried it on extremely oily hair. But hey if you are going out in the evening and you don’t have time to re-wash your hair a few sprays on your roots will add volume to your lack lustre hair.
Total application time: 5 -10 minutes (including brushing out your hair)


In shower body moisturiser:
Yes the beauty gurus heard our pleas and now we have an in shower body moisturiser on the market. Skipping the moisturising step after you shower can cut up to 10 minutes of your beauty regimen. It’s definitely something I love, read more about it on my review Here
Total application time:3-5 minutes


Now I wait for a product that will instantly dry my hair (yes a girl can dream) #LongHairDOCare 🙂


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