M•A•C Prep + Prime BB Review…

Hello Lovelies

In a world where busy lives ensue minimal beauty routines the invention of the BB cream was a beauty miracle.
BB (Beauty Balm) creams became incessantly popular over the last year so , I doubt many of you are strangers to the sensation. Essentially it is a product that primes, moisturises and offers coverage in one easy step.

I have experimented with three other BB creams but I wasn’t impressed by them. I then settled to buy the M•A•C tinted moisturiser which I loved and it has similar properties to a BB cream.( At that point the M•A•C Prep + Prime BB hadn’t been introduced in South Africa).

My tinted moisturiser is almost at the end of its life span so I needed to replenish it. I decided to buy the M•A•C Beauty Balm, which is now one of my beauty must haves.


The consistency is very much like a light weight foundation , but the coverage surprised me. Most BB creams don’t offer optimal coverage on blemishes when it’s just applied but I saw a difference instantaneously. On the other hand it isn’t primarily a foundation so I had to use concealer but very little just a dab here and there to cover the more prevalent marks. It isn’t oily so if you do suffer with oily skin it’s safe to use. Another plus is that it has an SPF of 35, much higher than most moisturisers offer.

Usually on a hot day when I use anything more than moisturiser my skin tends to look a bit oily, but this gave my skin that matte feel as well as glow which was the ultimate selling point for me.

This is me Bare Faced (Yes I am far from perfecto)


This is just the BB cream sans concealer


And voila the fully made up me (Very little effort ,all this took me 10 minutes)


The M•A•C Prep + Prime Beauty Balm is available in an array of 10 shades so you are bound to find your perfect fit.
Price: At R380 it isn’t the cheapest product around but trust me it’s worth it not because of the name but because it actually does work.
Size: 40 ML

Visit your nearest M•A•C to try it out and I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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