Michaels take on Spring 2015!

Hello Lovelies

New York Fashion Week has been on my radar (yeah you already know it’s my dream). Instead on focussing on Haute Couture I decided to focus on a ready to wear collection. Michael Kors is one of my favourite designers as his clothes can actually be worn off the runway. He likes the classics but he adds a little drama now and then. He works with base colours like black ,white, navy and tan, and then he adds prints and accessories. That appeals to me as that’s basically how I dress.

He showcased his Spring 2015 collection at NYFW and you can recognize a few trends that you would get to hold on to for next year.

The Midi Skirt

The midi length dominated this collection from skirts to dresses. Michael added floral embellishments to tulle skirts but toned the look down by pairing it with plain tops and structured blazers. I love it!

Black, white or both?




Yes darlings the minimalist look is here to stay. Pretty much what’s in store for us this season will carry over to next Spring. (Read more on my take on monochrome here) So if you’re thinking of splurging on anything this season invest in Monochrome items.


Okay I wasn’t sold on tartan and I’m not sold on gingham either. I guess checks aren’t for me. The gingham print just reminds me of my grans tablecloth’s.

Bold Floral Prints

Yes girly girls floral is here to stay but not fine delicate prints. Bold and bright prints were the order of the day at Kors but again on very classic cut garments.


Ultimately these colour palette was my favourite out of all. I love my creams, nudes and khakis and even if they aren’t trendy I would still wear them. I feel there’s so much you can do and you can pretty much match any colour to it from grey tones to brighter hues.

Majority of the garments were paired with strappy tan flats and tan accessories. I can’t reiterate how much I love tan and the above collection demonstrates how versatile it is.
Okay so yes there are a few things that are staying on like crop tops, Birkenstock inspired sandals and the pyjama trend (#CantDeal)!


What I took from this is that fashion ,as we have come to know it these days ,rarely changes. So stock up on classic items and work around them , you will spend a lot less in the long run! I mean look at how a basic white T-shirt can be transformed by pairing it with a statement skirt.

So happy Spring shopping honeys (Think of the future before you purchase).


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