Current Beauty Favourites

Hello Lovelies

I’m rather fond of a few beauty products and tools lately and you know sharing is caring so here we go-


a] Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick
I’m not the fondest of really matte lipsticks as they make my lips super dry and I’m also not a fan of long wearing lip colours. The first time I used the Stila liquid lipstick I must admit I didn’t like the texture (due to my preferences) but I gave it a second go and that swayed my judgement in their favour.
It’s a creamy matte texture and it just glides on but you have to prepare your lips before if you suffer from dry lips. I suggest using a lip scrub and hydrating lip balm before applying the lipstick. One slick from the applicator covers my lips so the colour is really potent. Also use it with a lip liner as the colour can bleed off the lips if you aren’t careful when applying it,also keep an ear bud near in case as it dries quite fast. The product promises 6 hours of wear and although the colour faded slightly by the fourth hour due to me eating and drinking, there was still a hint of colour so yes it’s long wearing. I sometimes use them as a base colour and I apply more a more hydrating lipstick in a similar shade over it. There are a few colours to choose from but I particularly like two shades Dolce (A nude brown tone) and Patina (A rosey pink tone). So I finally found my perfect matte lipsticks. They retail at R245 and you can purchase them from selected Woolworths or Stuttafords stores.

b] eos Hand Lotion
There’s this eos craze that has hit S.A and well I’m a fan no doubt. The beauty brand promises intense moisture from their products. I was sent this eos hand lotion from Hashtag Awesome (Read more here) and does it live up to all the hype? Yes it so does. It’s mildly scented, the perfect size for a handbag and the light texture absorbs into skin immediately. To test it out ,for a few nights I used it before going to bed and I woke up to soft hands and that’s commendable as the texture isn’t heavy or oily. There are very few things I take when I swop things out of my work bag and my eos hand lotion is definitely one of them. Purchase it off the Hashtag awesome website here for R99. (Product is currently out of stock).

C] An Eyelash Curler
Okay so when I first saw eyelash curlers they scared me, like “how can you use any contraption that resembles scissors on your eyes” scary. Well once my initial fear wore off I tried them after attending a makeup lesson. And they are freaking amazing. It’s a favourite since I don’t use mascara on a daily basis so with an eyelash curler I can somewhat achieve pretty lashes. I sometimes use clear brow and lash gel from The Body Shop which holds the lashes in place. Using an eyelash curler post mascara and/or faux lashes is also recommended. I suggest every single women should own one even if it looks daunting on the on set , once you get the hang of it I promise there’s no going back. They can be purchased at most beauty retailers. I got the QVS ones from Woolworths a while ago.

And since the holiday season is upon us and if you’re looking for gifts these make for great little gifts.


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