Beauty Favourites: Light-Medium Coverage Products

Hello Lovelies

If you are a regular here you know how much I love trying out new BB creams and illuminating products. I’m not into heavy makeup so I made it my mission to find products that suit my needs. I decided to do a little round up of some of the products I use most often. Some products were reviewed before but there are a few new ones I have been trying out.


1. Stila HD illuminating beauty balm
Coverage- This product doesn’t provide the ultimate coverage but if you’re looking for that ultimate glowing healthy looking skin this product is a must-have for you.

SPF- 30

How to use? This can be used alone or as a primer under your foundation. I like mixing it with moisturizer or BB cream to add some radiance. It’s great all round product if you’re looking for a quick fix product.

Why do I love it? I love that the SPF it quite high. When my skin is tired I see an instant change once I apply this. It’s definitely a product I would repurchase.

Price- R445
(I did a mini review on this product last year read more here )

2. Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Foundation

Coverage- This is a light-medium coverage foundation. You can build the product to achieve extra coverage.

SPF- 15

How to use? This product can be used entirely on it’s own. A teeny bit can offer a sheer veil coverage (think BB cream) but as you apply more you can achieve that flawless finish. Must be used with concealer if you looking to cover pigmentation. Great if you looking for a light weight foundation that doesn’t weigh down the skin. It’s very liquid so you have to shake the bottle really well before use.

Why do I love it? I spent a long time looking for the correct shade and texture of foundation. This product is exactly what I required. I don’t wear foundation on a daily basis but if I had to this is one I would turn to.

Price- R610

3. M•A•C Prep + Prep BB
Coverage- Light coverage.

SPF- 35

How to use? Can be used alone or as a primer under foundation. I have used it both ways and I find it a little heavy as a primer but if you prefer fuller coverage then it helps. There’s also a cream version if you have oily skin.

Why do I love it? I am a BB cream fanatic and so far out of all the BB creams that I have tried this has to be my favourite. It has the texture of a light foundation so it achieves the similar effect. I like that it’s dewy but it isn’t shiny when applied, it basically has a cream to powder consistency.

Price- R380
(I have reviewed this product read more here)

4. Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer

Coverage- Sheer- very light depending on the amount you use.

SPF- 15

How to use? This product is very sheer so it works well as a primer. But it also brightens the skin when used alone. This product is definitely not for you if you need extra coverage. And concealer is a must for blemishes. There’s an oil free variation also available.

Why do I love it? Out of all the products I mentioned here this is a product I have been using the most often since I purchased it. Yes it doesn’t offer the optimum coverage but personally on a daily basis I prefer to let my skin breath. This product helps my skin appear healthier without clogging it. It is also super light so using sunblock before applying it doesn’t make my skin oily. It’s something I see myself buying consistently.

Price- R425

5. Sorbet BB Cream

Coverage- Light.

SPF- 15

How to use? I prefer using it alone as it’s quite creamy. The tube suggests that you must apply with your fingers I find that true due to it’s consistency. I also find that I must use setting powder on my t-zone. If you have really oily skin then I suggest you steer clear of this product.

Why do I love it? I have been looking for a budget BB cream to carry around with me daily and I finally found one that I actually like. The problem with most budget BB creams they don’t offer the best colour spectrum so I find myself not finding the correct shade. But this product works well on my skin. I like the creamy texture I know many people won’t like it but it feels like body lotion. Hence it’s very hydrating.

Price- R99

The above is a basic guide of all the light coverage products I use. If you’re looking for products to use on a daily basis then have a look and let me know if you find any of the above worthwhile.

As a beauty blogger I go through a lot of favourites and yes this list is going to grow so keep reading for the new additions.


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