Onyx By Aneesa Solomon- Part 2

Hello Lovelies

I have been anticipating this post since I introduced you to Onyx By Aneesa Solomon (here). So here’s a little more insight into this venture.

Fellow blogger Zaida Omar (Fashioned By Me) and I were chosen to represent the Onyx By Aneesa Solomon Summer ’15 range last year.


The entire process of hair and makeup was enjoyable as you all now how much I love makeup!
But when I was faced with the camera and photographer then it finally hit me. I’m no model, what am I doing here?

A few test shots and lessons later from fantastic photographer Sally Blackman I relaxed and it turned from daunting to feeling all model-esque. The designer of the brand ,Aneesa Solomon , was there as the stylist but also as a motivator. She was nothing but encouraging and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Onyx By Aneesa Solomon is a range of modest Abayas (A modest dress that aims at covering the entire body). Onyx adds a modern twist to the Abaya by playing around with cuts and fabrics that appeal to the modern fashionista. When one dons these gorgeous pieces you instantly feel like you need to stand up straight as they encompass elegance. Each and every garment is tailored to perfection. The fabrics are sought out internationally and locally bringing you the latest trends. Some of my favourite garments were part pure silk and oh so luxurious.

The Onyx Summer ’15 range is an array of bright and floral pieces with a few classic tones added to the mix. One of the predominant cuts resemble a kimono which is a huge trend this season. The sashes around the waist add that eastern edge to the garments. These are no ordinary abaya’s as I mentioned there’s a twist. The pant abaya adds a modern touch. It can be described like a jumpsuit with palazzo pants, another trend that’s in for this season. Each garment that requires a cinched in waist comes with a sash ,belt or tie to complement the garment. If you’re more on the classic side there are styles available to suit your taste as well.





The above abayas were my two favourites from the entire range. I particularly love the black lace as even though it’s understated it’s still stunning. This particular style will take you through seasons. These garments have the Style By Shaheeda stamp of approval in the quality over quantity stakes.

This is a mere sneak peak via my blog to see more head over to the Onyx Website : www.aneesasolomon.com and Facebook page here for pricing and sizes.

Photography: Sally Blackman Photography

Makeup: Trisha – How Do I Look Imageology – (072) 4440376


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